Pilot Projects

Rather than plunge into the financial deep end of a full Smart-Grid roll-out, it often makes sense to pilot a test-phase in a restricted geographical area such as a small town or isolated neighbourhood such as an island community.

ACN has experience in defining Smart-Grid pilots such that they are representative of the large scale roll out for which they are ultimately intended. The feasibility study is a means to familiarise with ACN Smart-Grid equipment and technology, as well of course as to provide a live testbed for techno-economic analysis of the pros and cons of Smart-Grid.

Pilot project using ACN's Smart Grid Gateways

Pilot project using ACN's Smart Grid Gateways

One of the main challenges associated with the migration to intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, is the task of load-balancing the grid. In these cases timely and regular information on the demand status is crucial to adapting to this type of micro-generation network, together with the ability to implement distributed control.

Piloting a Smart-Grid solution for these applications is worthwhile as means to undersand the operation of next generation energy networks. ACN have the team to guide you through this process and the experience to avoid the associated pit-falls.