Communication Modules

Smart Grids also request the replacement of old electricity meters in every home and building with Smart Meters (an electricity meter with a Communication Module) that can be read remotely and allows through two-way communications the management of electricity usage (demand-side management). ACN is addressing this market need with its Communication Modules.

ACN has developed a G3-PLC Comm. Module for 3-phase electricity meters with an RS485 interface. Such electricity meters are commonly used in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Additionally, the Comm. Module has a Euridis 2 interface, easing the installation or update of these electricity meters.

The G3-PLC Comm. Module has been extensively tested with the NTX4 3-phase electricity meter from EMH Metering.

The NXT4 electricity meter with ACN’s G3-PLC Comm. Module has been MID certified.