A Great Investment Opportunity

ACN’s communications technology is part of the new IEEE 1901 Broadband over Power Line (BPL) standard.  BPL is a broadband data communications technology using the electricity distribution network for data transmission. The transmitted data can be used to monitor in real-time the power grid status and the power consumption as well as sending commands for load balancing and for load control, and also providing internet connectivity.

ACN’s technology allows utilities to leverage their existing power distribution networks for communications, and be less dependent on external communications providers.  The Company has validated successfully its technology in numerous field trials.

Global integrators in the “Smart Grid arena” such as IBM, Siemens, and ABB are planning to use ACN’s SGC Gateways for infrastructure communications in their Smart Grid projects and are interested to also employ ACN’s Communication Modules for Smart Metering.

This represents an attractive business opportunity: The Company estimates that the total of its yearly revenue from its Smart Grid Communications business over the next five years will amount to CHF 600+ million.