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ACN is a member of the HD-PLC Alliance which was established in 2007, to promote the world-wide adoption of HD-PLC high-speed power line communication technology, and the interoperability of devices that use that technology. HD-PLC Alliance is a non-profit association of more than 20 members including industrial leading organizations. The Alliance dedicates its efforts to leading the international standardization such as IEEE, and certification logo program.

Wavelet-OFDM technology, which is one of the core technologies of the IEEE 1901 standard and HD-PLC provides the superior performance, especially for lower power consumption. ACN is developing an HD-PLC Access BPL Chipset complying with The IEEE 1901 standard.

CNTV interviewing HD-PLC Alliance's President (on the left) during SINOCES2011




ACN is a member of the Consumer Electronics Powerline Communication Alliance (CEPCA) which is a nonprofit corporation established to promote and continuously advance high speed PLC technology to utilize and implement a new generation of consumer electronics products through the rapid, broad and open industry adoption of Consumer Electronics Powerline Communication Alliance Specifications. The Alliance aims to provide consumers with a comfortable and friendly user experience.