ACN becomes a member of the LoRa Alliance

Pursuant to its strategic focus on advanced communications and on the rising market for Internet of Things (IoT), ACN has joined the LoRa Alliance.

LoRa is a new wireless technology enabling low power, long range communication. The LoRa technology was developed by Semtech with the MAC layer for LoRa sensors and Gateways being developed at the IBM Research Laboratory in Z├╝rich.

ACN has ongoing field trials with LoRa sensors and Gateways for several IoT applications.

G3-PLC Comm. Module for the RS485 interface

ACN has developed a G3-PLC Communication Module for 3-phase electricity meters with an RS485 interface. Such electricity meters are commonly used in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Additionally, the Comm. Module has a Euridis 2 interface, easing the installation or update of these electricity meters.

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ACN becomes a member of the G3-PLC Alliance

ACN has actively participated in the IEEE and ITU-T standardization working groups, specifying narrow-band power line data communications for Smart Metering. The company is now also a member of the G3-PLC Alliance, responsible for the test procedures and certification of narrowband power line data communications, as specified in the ITU-T G.9903 (02/2014) standard.

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